Make Women Most Liked

As a man certainly must have its own style that can boost his performance, one of which is a style of dress or look style. There are several factors you need to consider the style of your dress including the hair style, shoes model and the shape of your body posture.


1. Notice Hair Style
Selection of the right hairstyle is very important for you to watch, because women like men who always take care and pay attention to the condition of her hair. The man who is always taking care of your hair properly will get the impression of a clean and tidy in the eyes of the women. If you are still curious about the hair styles are most appropriate for you.
2. Notice Posture
Have a well-built body and a high ideal is certainly a dream of all people, but for you who have a posture that little short, you do not need to feel inferior. By way of fitting dress and trying to make your body always looks well-built then you will be able to look taller and confident. Men who have high self-esteem would be preferred by women than men rely on good looks alone.
3. Notice Type Pants
Determines the type of pants your appearance, and did you know that women like men who use long jeans for the reason that men will look more presentable and courteous when using long jeans. Type shorts should be avoided because it is a bit less than most women prefer men who use these types of pants.
4. Notice Shoes Model
Have a backup several models of shoes is very important since different types of shoes certainly have a different use of time. The woman is not like a man who had the bad taste to the model of the shoes, therefore for those who want to find the latest models of shoes.
5. Notice Shirt Color
Choosing the right color clothes of course cannot be arbitrary, a lot of things you need to consider in order to determine an appropriate shirt color options, one of which is choosing the color shirt matches the color of the skin.

Choosing Jeans for Short Women

Clothing for women cannot be complete without a pair of jeans. No matter whether you are a girl 6 feet or you fall into the category of petite women, jeans remain a trend. Well, buying jeans for short women is always difficult, because it is very difficult to find a match. So you may ask how to buy the best short jeans for petite women? Well, actually there are a few things you need to consider when shopping. Here are some tips for you all the short women that will definitely help you choose.
Selecting jeans
Jeans with straight model is one of the best pick for petite women. It gives the appearance of a vertical leg to help women look slimmer and shorter height. Make sure you go to the right size. If you are thin or medium, skinny jeans are the right parts for you. Many brands have been specially designed for ladies short skinny jeans that you can try to match. Skinny jeans will instantly give higher performance. Here’s more on how to wear skinny jeans. A slight boot cut just fine. This is the perfect type of jeans for short women having triangle or hourglass -shaped figure. Remember, slight boot cut! While finding jeans for short women with full figures, wide leg styles can be considered. Style wide leg jeans will give you the look proportionate to search. You have to avoid the lean cuts. Short women with smaller hips can go for the low-rise jeans with a straight leg or slight boot cut.

What Kind You Do not Have to Choosing Jeans?
Short women with fuller figures should avoid low-rise jeans. Worn with a belt makes your hips look bigger and shorter legs. Read about the best jeans for curvy women. This will only make them look shorter. Do not go for baggy carpenter jeans, stick on fitting pair. Do not go for a longer length to make yourself look taller. It will only make you look shorter. Remember that jeans you just have to skim over your shoes, thus increasing the height of your looks. Never cuff jeans underneath. It is commonly available in capris style, but stay away from this mode. Cuff will cut your height, make you look shorter
Select Color Matches
Each jeans for short women look best in a uniform color . Additionally, it is a good idea to stick to a dark wash boot cut or straight leg jeans. You can experiment with lighter shades in skinny jeans. Of course, you can check out the other shades of denim, especially the darker like gray, black or slate can be an option for plain blue denim. Although pastels may look luxurious, best to avoid them. Remember that dark colors will give the appearance of a slim and tall.

Partner with the Right Footwear
Your job does not end up in choosing the right jeans and wearing it. Let me tell you that a pair of heels makes a big difference in your appearance. Short women should really shop for shoes first and then go look for jeans. Not necessary that you buy a new pair of shoes, but it’s just important that you try the jeans along with your footwear will pair with jeans. Usually pencil heels preferred by short women. It looks great and increase height. Shorter women should go to point away which will give you look slimmer, not the end of the round. Do not go for the knee-high boots as this will only give you look shorter. Read about how to wear boots with jeans.


Beautiful and Attractive with Hijab

Beautiful appearance and understated is the synergy of the inside and outside. For the main hijab, is not enough to just put an outward appearance, preparation of the more mainstream it. Here are tips to look pretty perfect.

hijab 1

1. Hygiene and health care for the body
In order to look better hijab, familiarize clean and healthy is one key. Familiarize healthy life. By getting a clean life, it is possible for us to maintain good health as well. So with a healthy body and mind, we face exudes a vibrant hue.

hijab 4
2. Adjust with body shape
Do not just follow the fashion style, but also adjust to your body. Remember, Islamic dress is very protective of women not to show her figure. Use clothing that is loose, but fit in the body. Not only the size, but also note the motif on the garment. For example, do not use a shirt with horizontal stripes on the body fat.

hijab 33. Creativity
There are many things we can do for creativity with our clothes, one of which is to mix and match or mix and match clothing. For example, for the first time learn to mix and match, try using clothes with matching colors. Then afterwards use clothes with different colors but still appropriate. When you can, try using the appropriate accessories for your clothes and so on until you find your own style.

4. Adjust as needed
Using hijab fashion, should adjust to events and places. If you want to attend a casual event, not need to use excessive accessories or clothing that is too fancy and steal the show. If you need to be tasked with a lot of motion and busy, you should use something more concise and practical but still closed.

hijab 5
5. Trend
Trends can make you more fashionable, but be careful that your appearance does not seem excessive. Use a simple outfit with a color that is not memorable tacky. Neither the hijab, hijab styles should use practical but still beautiful.

hijab 2

How to Combine Clothes Colors To Enhance Appearance Quality

How to combine colors of clothing to improve the quality of this performance may not know. Did you ever realize that you attract more attention when you wear clothing with a certain color? People are influenced by color. The color of clothing can affect one’s mood. Such as red, orange, and yellow can change your mood becomes brighter, as bright as the colors.

abc 5
The color red, for example, is often used in the logo of the restaurant. Orange, is often used by educational institutions. In the corporate world, the influence of color was also used. The color of clothing that you use will leave an impression on the appearance, and all the people you meet you at the office.

Now, color is a powerful thing. As strong as the color of what you see. This factor is not only considered in the field of fashion. Even so, knowing what should be used on a wide variety of types of meetings would send a message to anyone who saw it – a message that you have a special fashion sense. Find out what the meaning of the colors and combine them to improve the quality of your appearance.

abc 3

abc 6

Black Color: symbolizes authority, immortality, and make you look thinner.
Grey Color: Makes you look confident, classic, and neutral colors. It can combined with any color.
White color: bright color, giving the impression of a clean, and member the impression of simplicity.
Red Color: Color aggressive, colors that create energy, and intense color.
Yellow color: The color is very strong, bright colors as well, do not impress you seriously if you wear this color, but this color can make you concentrate more.
Green Color: Color environmentally friendly, that make you calm and refreshing colors. This color also symbolizes prosperity.
Blue color: color is the sea. The color symbolizes peace, freshness, and loyalty.
Color Purple: That color symbolizes luxury, and wealth. The colors are romantic, and classy.
Chocolate Color: solid color. That gives the impression that you are reliable, as well as stability. That color symbolizes authenticity and purity.

We Love Jacket Jeans

More and more models from various fashion jackets in the world. Competition is very tight become a major factor for the entrepreneur or businessman in the field of fashion. Jeans are beginning until now is still famous for the material that can be made into a prestigious fashion. Jacket is much in demand by the public because the material is durable and the colors are not easily fade.


Jeans jacket design assortment is widely used but is a form of ape with buttons on the front of the jacket is very seldom use button although there are only a few. The color is very limited jeans jacket only black, brown and blue. Very rarely do we find a striking color on the jeans jacket.

This denim jacket can be worn both men and women users is large or small as universally acceptable in all circles. Can be used anywhere and anytime as long as it was also noticed it clean always, the color on the fabric and also the scent on your favorite jeans jacket. To keep the color does not fade fast not too frequent washing of clothes made of jeans is one of the ways that do. But do not be too long let in dirty conditions because it can be made a stain on the jacket itself. Faded colors are not bad even some manufacturers featuring color that is almost identical.

Jeans jacket is also often used by fashion designers fashionable for celebrities. Jacket jeans when combined with the kind of jeans trousers and jackets will look matching is just as smocks only if combined with a T-shirt, then when do not use it often buttoned front, so the T-shirt inside looks.






Tips Choosing a Shoes

Buying shoes is not biased at random, most people buy shoes just look from the brand. In fact, the comfort factor is the most important thing. Wearing shoes that are not comfortable, can be excruciating foot and affect the way you walk. Therefore you should buy good shoes, good, proper, fit, and quality. We will give you tips to choose the shoes that you will wear.


Shoes models
There are various types of shoes available in the market. Start from flats model until heels. So, choose a shoe that suits your needs. For example, if your need for tutoring or just hanging out with my friends, you should select the model of flat shoes for comfort though worn for hours. As for formal events such as parties, the right to choose the model of her heels comfortable when worn up and running. Do not just choose the model of shoes just because it was a trend, although not according to our needs.

Foot Shape
Shape of the foot each person is different. There is a round toe, a box, or tapered. So, choose shoes that fit the shape of the foot for comfort wear. If the shape of your foot box, avoid buying shoes with pointed tip as it will cause blisters on your toes.

Buying Shoes in the Afternoon
Intend to buy shoes, you should do in the afternoon. Every day, your feet reach the largest size after undergoing a variety of activities. Therefore, buying in the afternoon will allow you to get the size of the shoes that really fit and comfortable.
Colors shoes
Right matching color shoes would you want buy the clothes that will be worn. To be safe, neutral colors such as black, white, and gray could be an option because it fits with any color shirt.

Pay attention to material
Adjusting the trend is okay. But for health of the foot select materials that allow the feet to breathe. Choose good quality materials, such as leather or synthetic material that is soft. Such material is more flexible and provides comfort, as it can adjust the shape of the foot. It can also provide protection to the feet that are sensitive to shock and friction. Avoid shoes made of plastic material, leather is stiff and inflexible.

Tips Choose Dress Appropriate Event

You may often receive invitations to attend the party , but confused to choose what dress to wear? Or you worry your choice of dress will make you look the wrong costume?
Here are tips on choosing the appropriate party dress event you will attend.
The first thing you need to consider when receiving a party invitation is the type of event or information see the dress code , which will reflect what kind of party you will attend. If the dress code not listed in invitation to a party, you can wearing a dress that matches the theme of the event, or ask the inviter when you confirm your willingness to attend the party.

In a party that is formal or informal, for example, gala dinner or a wedding party, tips on choosing a party dress is appropriate to the event wearing a formal dress. Internationally, women’s fashion is a formal evening dress. Long evening dresses are worn below the knee, can be aligned with the calf or ankle. The selected color is generally black, maroon, or gold, to give the glamour. You can also wear the national dress, such as the classic kebaya combined with gloves. Do not wear a dress that is too open or too tight, because it can draw attention.

images 2
In a party that is informal / semi-formal dress code or the rules are not too strict, like charity party, you can wear a dress that is semi- formal and more trendy, like a cocktail dress, light-colored long dress, fashion two – pieces , or modern kebaya. Although the event is semi -formal, avoid casual clothing such as T – shirts or skirts made from jeans.

images 3
If you are going to attend a party that is both casual or smart casual like a New Year’s party, birthday party, or a graduation party, tips on choosing the appropriate party dress event is casual wear clothes that are comfortable to wear and move. One of the fashion choices for this event is somewhat open blouse, paired with A-line skirt. Or if the party has a theme such as a beach party, rock and roll, or flower party, you can wear clothes that fit the theme of the way.

images 5

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket and others leather from animal available with dark colors. However, now over the leather jacket fashion world bias obtained with different colors and models. As we know, the leather jacket is a type of jacket that is quite popular purchased a lot of people to get their confidence in front of lots of people.


Leather jackets can be worn either as a complement to the protection of the body or to make follow the trend. There is a big difference between the two types of leather jackets. Leather jacket designed purpose of fashion or fad may just provide warmth and insecure. Leather jackets designed for protective use are intended to protect the people taking from serious injury. A leather jacket trend for interest can usually be much help in the event of an accident.
Leather jackets have now become part of their lifestyle and style. The leather jacket is also a perfect blend of style and comfort. And for the benefit of leather jackets that come in various types for men, women and children in a variety of styles and variants color. Leather jacket will not remainder in style and can be worn throughout the year.
In terms of durability and quality leather jacket will usually durable as dross easy care leather jacket but in need of care, if faded leather jacket now many painting services leather jacket and not a few tools for the treatment of leather jackets.




Tips To Look a Good

Many Teens find it difficult to look neat and therefore the following is about how to look neat because appearance often becomes a problem when meeting with the idol of the heart. The beauty in appearance certainly not just clothes neat and good, but how to manage all of it together and appearance accords. Ranging from shoes and socks, even strokes hair should still look presentable.

1. Suitability size.
The right size will look neater, because this is the most important thing in appearance. Many teenagers wearing hip-hop style clothing is oversize.
2. Simple
Use clothing that is simple because if too much decoration will look tacky. Selection for color do more than 3 colors. Do not use more than 3 kinds of accessories. Do not also look like a rock star, but if you did boy band.
3. casual
Casual clothes often considered too formal but in fact these clothes will make you look more presentable . Add a few accessories or other sweeteners. You can see an example in the fashion magazines.
4. Harmony
In the dress should be in harmony with the dress pants . If you use a jacket or blazer corduroy superiors, subordinates use such as jeans or cargo pants.
5. Find a Friend Shopping
Invite your friends if necessary invite the opposite gender when buying clothing because it is usually the opposite sex is smarter assess suitable clothing on our bodies.

6. Appropriate Clothing Event Theme
Certainly not worth very much if you use batik clothing or long dress when traveling. So adjust your clothing to show that will visit, as well with other people who came to the event.
7. Do not underestimate Details
Do not forget to pay attention to the accessories are in use because it will make your appearance to be funny. Note scarves, ties, watches or your belt.
8. Use the Best Shoes
Shoes often make your appearance becomes odd when worn shirt and pants is very neat.
Things – things to note in the shoe is cleanliness, color and type. Most teens do not care about the state of his shoes, show to others that you have a teen class with the best shoes, as this is the quickest way to show others that you care about yourself.
9. Trend
Sometimes clothing is trend center not match your outfit . If there was a trend of clothing you should try first and discuss it with others if it fits with your body if it does not fit then do not be in force. Use clothing that is comfortable for you, then add a few accessories or knick – knacks.
10. Function Underwear
Underwear is very useful to absorb sweat, oil or dirt on the body. Also function underwear so you do not have to always wash your clothes outside, and to keep a good and durable.
11. Experimenting with Style
Try to try different types of clothing and which one fits you. Learn new things in fashion, how to dress. Never be afraid to try and do not be afraid to make mistakes. Many teens are afraid to express themselves through style.
12. Appropriate perfume.
Sometimes a man using excessive perfume that smells more fragrant but not too overpowering in the nose others. This will make people less happy with your appearance including your perfume.

d 5

Tips Using A Skirt

Tired wearing pants? Try and use the switch for women. By wearing skirts, women will look more feminine and beautiful. But keep in mind, not all types of skirts match the shape of your body. Usually, it is important to recognize the shape of your body to perform with maximum.

1. Short woman
Are you should wear if short stature is choose a skirt that falls above the knee. Pleated skirt with platform shoes will give the impression of height and body shaping

2. Curvy women
Wearing a pencil skirt with a fits model of the size our entities or tight. In order to be moved freely select the material elastic skirt. Because the body that contains not maxi with the upper baggy skirt, choose the appropriate size of an almond

3. Skinny women
Women who were thin, wear matching double slit maxi skirt short skirt such as faux leather skirt. Usually also use fluffy skirt or tulip shape to make your body look fuller.

4. Woman with waist large
Choose a skirt with an A-line shape with a tulip motif or small and dark colored. Due to the hips and thighs is quite large, we are better suited to wear a skirt that simple model. Avoid skirts with shiny materials and super tight because it will make our lower body look bigger.