Fashion Of Child

Fashion Of Child

         Children is a gift from God  for a partner . Beside that child is a one of fastener family. Child can make a family complete. Usually all of parent always record child’s actifity from baby until children under five. Mom always understand and comprehend about child’s development. Mom wish all the best for her child, begin from the clothes, toys, until the food.


                Clothes constitute one of favorite for mom to make her child become interest and seen funny. start from clothes, shoes, until accessories always attention by presentation for a child. As a parent must pay attention from the colour, fashion, picture although this material. Usually the child agree wear sharp’s colour, example red yellow blue and others. Colour can make a child seen cheerful and funny. Colour too make a child more easy to study memorize many colour.

IMG_20140309_202608 IMG_20140309_202552


Next, priverious parent more like use cartoon, animal, and many object seen funny. But alog with growth in time, now parents are more interested in casua clothes looks like a teenager. Children prefer to wear a shirt with a light and cool material like cotton. Cotton can be absorbed sweat , so it doesn’t interferewith the actifities of children.

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