Interesting Show With Belt

Interesting Show with Belt

Belt is one of accessories supporting performance, especially by women. Now not only belt appear in the model, but has been modified in many models that will surely make you more easily in the creation of your appearance. If you are still confused as to what would look with your belt, here some creations with a belt that you can try:

1. Obi Belt

Obi belt is a belt that is commonly used by women when wearing the kimono Japan. Obi belt is now widely used by women to beautify their appearance. Obi belt can make you look more straight and tall. It can make you very pretty when worn with a dress or jeans.

sb 4

2. Small Belt

Small belt is very easy to find on the market and can be used to various occasions. Small belt can be used to hide sweaters or oversized clothing, a tie too long, or blouses that are too large.

sb 3

3. Button belt

Button belt is suitable for wearing with jeans. The impression created by the fusion of this belt with jeans is a sporty, casual, and dynamic.

sb 2

4. Animal skin pattern belt

Animal skin patterns such as leopard skin complexion, skin complexion zebra, giraffe skin complexion, and so will give a solid impression on your appearance. You do not need to give any accent on your appearance if you are already wearing this belt.

sb 1

5. Belt of necklaces

Necklace belt has long been a trend. When you want to make a necklace into a belt, choose a necklace that has a long chain accents, rope, or rocks that are suitable for dress or your jeans.



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