Beautiful and Attractive with Hijab

Beautiful appearance and understated is the synergy of the inside and outside. For the main hijab, is not enough to just put an outward appearance, preparation of the more mainstream it. Here are tips to look pretty perfect.

hijab 1

1. Hygiene and health care for the body
In order to look better hijab, familiarize clean and healthy is one key. Familiarize healthy life. By getting a clean life, it is possible for us to maintain good health as well. So with a healthy body and mind, we face exudes a vibrant hue.

hijab 4
2. Adjust with body shape
Do not just follow the fashion style, but also adjust to your body. Remember, Islamic dress is very protective of women not to show her figure. Use clothing that is loose, but fit in the body. Not only the size, but also note the motif on the garment. For example, do not use a shirt with horizontal stripes on the body fat.

hijab 33. Creativity
There are many things we can do for creativity with our clothes, one of which is to mix and match or mix and match clothing. For example, for the first time learn to mix and match, try using clothes with matching colors. Then afterwards use clothes with different colors but still appropriate. When you can, try using the appropriate accessories for your clothes and so on until you find your own style.

4. Adjust as needed
Using hijab fashion, should adjust to events and places. If you want to attend a casual event, not need to use excessive accessories or clothing that is too fancy and steal the show. If you need to be tasked with a lot of motion and busy, you should use something more concise and practical but still closed.

hijab 5
5. Trend
Trends can make you more fashionable, but be careful that your appearance does not seem excessive. Use a simple outfit with a color that is not memorable tacky. Neither the hijab, hijab styles should use practical but still beautiful.

hijab 2

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