Traditional Clothes Of Nation

Now, starfashion will give information about traditional clothes for some country in the world, the clothes is characteristic of a country. A country can famous with other country go by their traditional clothes. And then traditional clothes always be font of fashion show program. And this is traditional clothes from many country in the world.


Japan’s traditional clothes called Kimono. Now, Kimono like a T character. In there woman make us program. Beside Kimono in Japan there is Yukata like a Kimono but more simple.



Indonesian country have many genre of tranditional clothes, called Batik. Batik is a picture’s art on the cloth for fashion and become one of Indonesian culture.



This country very famous with Tulip flower and its very beautiful. Belanda have a traditional clothes, name is Klederdracht. The characteristic of the clothes is a hat usually called Njekither.



India’s country inhabitant majority have a Hindu religion. They have a traditional clothes, called Saree. Saree is a wide cloth with size 20 m x 6 m. saree clothes have an variation and usually wearing appropriated with Caste, Religion, region, activity and others.



Korea’s country have traditional clothes, called Hanbok. In there traditional clothes called Chosonot.  Usually the traditional clothes have a bright colors and don’t have sack. In modern, Hanbok develop become many variation, especially section their skirt.