Nice Glasses For Beauty Fashion

The eye is the lamp of the body as well then shine your eyes on all sides. Opticians are vision aids for those who have read much difference (minus), close ( plus ) or abnormalities of the eye ( astigmatism ) . However, glasses are part of your eye accessories, useful to help us see how beautiful that God created this world as well as for others who see us

over time, you sustain glasses evolved from being just a tool is now becoming a trend. was varied types of glasses , glasses basically only have 2 type or type that is:

1. Ordinary glasses

2. Glasses with a specific lens

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Common types of glasses are glasses that have glass in the form of an ordinary glass that has no effect on the eyes. meaning, using glasses wearer is usually just to complement the style or appearance alone . whereas the type of glasses with the lens is a spectacle lens according to the specific needs of vision . in this case , usually the wearer indeed glasses need glasses to help improve eyesight due to the wearer may have eye diseases such as minus points , refractive errors , and so on.

And as the development period , glasses no longer be a vision aids anymore but have become style fashion trend among many people . this can be seen from the eyes of many users that do not have impaired vision senses . This is actually due , it appears glasses have other benefits besides its main benefit , that helps visually impaired. another benefit is that it appears to help relieve nervousness or nervous while talking or doing something in front of people a lot of things .

Well, in anticipation of that, many who use glasses , either black glass or others . of its benefits as a tool , now glimmers so positive trend among young people as a repellent that is a shame, nervous, nervous and go smoke and of course there are still other benefits.

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Interesting Show With Belt

Interesting Show with Belt

Belt is one of accessories supporting performance, especially by women. Now not only belt appear in the model, but has been modified in many models that will surely make you more easily in the creation of your appearance. If you are still confused as to what would look with your belt, here some creations with a belt that you can try:

1. Obi Belt

Obi belt is a belt that is commonly used by women when wearing the kimono Japan. Obi belt is now widely used by women to beautify their appearance. Obi belt can make you look more straight and tall. It can make you very pretty when worn with a dress or jeans.

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2. Small Belt

Small belt is very easy to find on the market and can be used to various occasions. Small belt can be used to hide sweaters or oversized clothing, a tie too long, or blouses that are too large.

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3. Button belt

Button belt is suitable for wearing with jeans. The impression created by the fusion of this belt with jeans is a sporty, casual, and dynamic.

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4. Animal skin pattern belt

Animal skin patterns such as leopard skin complexion, skin complexion zebra, giraffe skin complexion, and so will give a solid impression on your appearance. You do not need to give any accent on your appearance if you are already wearing this belt.

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5. Belt of necklaces

Necklace belt has long been a trend. When you want to make a necklace into a belt, choose a necklace that has a long chain accents, rope, or rocks that are suitable for dress or your jeans.



Beauty Design for Fat Woman

Beauty Design for Fat Woman

Body shape is important to note when selecting clothing, especially for fat woman.  They often feel insecure because of wearing clothes that don’t fit. To that end, they should pay attention to clothing that will be worn. Avoid the following fashion so like a not fat.


1. 1. Selection of color

Overweight women should avoid clothes with bright colors. Avoid clothing that have bright colors like a gaudy neon. For example, green or yellow will make fat woman look more rounded. They can still wear bright colors but not too bright, like blue. Its recommended not to use hit and color fashion that will make her figure more and more exposed. Choose the color that tend to be dark. Dark colors give the impression slim.

2. Motifs

Selection the motifs also affect the shape of her body. Overweight woman are advised not to wear clothing with motifs that accumulated because it make her look more full. Avoid the motifs that can make the actual size. For example, higher with big flowers motif less correct to wearing overweight woman. Not only that, notice when you want to buy lines clothes. Choose a horizontal lines motif. You are advised to wear clothing with a pattern of vertical, diagonal, or paisley, which give the impression of a slim.

3. Piece

Woman with a fat body of clothing avoid tight stretch material in the body. Tight clothing would make fat flabby that should be covered even visible.

4.   Material

For materials, fat woman less appropriate when wearing a dress with a jersey or t-shirt material attached to the body. You should choose a material that is soft or limp like a chiffon, silk, or satin but not too shiny.