Fashionable With Denim Shirt

Denim shirt can be used when going to engage in activities outside the home. The shirt that was only used by many people who will work for the office and also children will go to college just because here they are required to dress neatly and decently so that they could wear the shirt because the shirt is a one of a kind clothing polite and pretty neat. Long-sleeved shirts or short -sleeved remains much wear. In this modern world and to make the fashion world did not want to miss the show a wide range of the latest fashions and are able to make the look more fashionable in all their activities wherever and whenever. Various existing models one of which is a model that has a denim shirt cooler than other shirts. Material of denim itself to any time will not be timeless, look up to now only a variety of models in denim clothes that have still preferred by many people both adults and the young. For the womenfolk denim shirt which will be worn able to make it look more attractive and will feature a dazzling impression. However, the most important here is the quality of the products that we want this to be the right quality and make sure we are not wrong in choosing the selling point.

Currently denim shirt is becoming a trend among women, the reason for using denim shirt it will change its appearance and make more confident when outside the home to conduct activities both go running – road or dealing with clients. To be more interesting we do not need to spend too much of my money bag, let’s select denim shirt that can make your appearance look different. If there is a wardrobe denim shirt then try to combine them with some models of subordinates who could make a more modern appearance and also looks stylish.

denim 3denim 2

Print Pants For Pretty Fashion

Print pants were pretty fashion at the end of 2012. Indeed, a lot of clothes with motifs in vogue lately. Like the mainstream or not, to follow this trend can still make you look stylish. Not just women in general, printed pants trend with many unique motifs are also being plagued hijab fashion. Many inspiring unique and beautiful print pants you normally use during the end of this year to early next year. With print pants, you do not need to bother thinking about details of the model. Just wear it, and you ready to go.

celana 3
Combine your print pants with various types of casual tops or plain tops dressy casual. With a simple appearance, you are ready to travel without having to bother to think about a lot of accessories to be used.
Subordinates with various motifs will explore more this style. As animal, ethnic, flowery, lines, and others. So soon find your favorite print pants and show your style. This style would be wishful worry stale because in 2013, the motif of clothing will be more dynamic and evolving. Be prepared with oriental motifs and bold line that can reinforce your appearance. Discover the collection of printed pants in neon colors and basic, with simple pieces and minimal detail.

celana 2celana



Mini Skirt For Woman

One item that is often used women short skirts, short skirts usually often called a mini skirt, mini skirt fashion style is very in women who desire to be the desire of women and the mini skirt is the main attraction for man look a different look beautiful and fascinating to alluring woman.


It had become a short skirt fashion trend in 2009. Now this popularity is not great as it used to be. But that does not mean wearing a skirt into your right as an afterthought. Currently miniskirt already comes with a lot of models and designs so users can be more diverse and you also should be able to combine it with the clothes that you wear. Starfashionone will give an example of a mini skirt to you to add to your fashion style in the day to day





Men Suit Models

Current year is the year in which fashion is famous, a lot of models of clothes and pants issued by designers from around the world. You can choose which one suits you, or with your family, wearing new clothes, nice clothes or model your confidence will increase. Especially if you wear some of your clothes complement, as do suits.


Man work certainly almost every hour of work is always wearing a suit. Men jacket models on the market today are very diverse. When the first coat male models look stiff and gives the impression of ” haughty and arrogant ” for the wearer , this time we can find a model that suits men more trendy and casual so young executives will not look much older than his actual age . This happens because many men are no longer indifferent to their appearance and more concerned about the fashion and style of dress.

For those of you who like to play with friends – your friends, you can wear a cool suit to add your clothing style. Jas also be in the mix with the shirt or the other, but normally in a suit with a white shirt or combined with other colors.

Slim flit suit

Slim Fit Suit
English style

American style

Jas 1

Korea Style




Dress As Substitute Blazer

Women’s careers are often confused mix and match clothes to wear to the office or other formal events. It could be clothes -that’s all you wear. You start the Blazer was already faded because too often used. But what the heck other formal wear are comfortable to wear in addition to a blazer?

dress 4

You can take the example of celebrities. They often use a simple dress or gown to attend a formal event. Yes, the dress is perfect worn for formal events ladies. But do not choose a dress that is too long go to office, this will slow your mobility. You could hardly walk when wearing this kind of dress options. Then dress of any material heck Ladies dress that makes you not only that – it’s just a model?

Dress is made of materials that a little bling – bling to make your clothes look expensive and elegant look. If you are smart to choose the color, the dress of sequins material is also suitable to be worn to the office Ladies know. The tips, try Choose dark colors with simple shapes. You can add simple accessories such as a necklace pendant or earrings with small eyes. But you are free to choose the color if you want to wear it on important events such as weddings. Gold and light pink color suitable for your aura radiates. You also do not have to bother choosing shoes to mix and match this dress, just select black heels, beauty was yours completely ladies.
The dress has a layered form at the bottom also adds to the impression of cute and girlie. Because the motive is already too complex, so you do not need to bother to look for other jewelry to complement this type of dress .

dress 3dress


Short Pants For Man

For men who care about the appearance, have the latest fashions of course is important. Now you men have styles that should be listened to. Men usually do not want the hassle. As much as possible everything is made simple, simple, and tend to be relaxed. This also applies in the dressing.


One of them is pants, men pants currently present in many models and types that one of them is shorts. Models for shorts very much, Ranging from cargo pants, jeans shorts, young shorts, and much more. Shopping pants men may not confuse when shopping goods women. But that does not mean the objects of poor men fashion trends and styles. Variety of men shorts enlivened with a variety of colors and motifs typical of men. Neutral colors which tend to be safe provided that he does not hesitate or shy. Plaid, stripes, and more gradations game brighten men fashion



Fashion Skirt For Work

Work clothing for working women is a concern in itself, not just limited to clothing only, the selection of work clothes fashionable women the right to support career and facilitate socializing with friends the other office . Over time, work clothes look fashionable women become more varied with various options that suit your needs and tastes, one of fashion’s favorite work is the use and selection of skirts, the following tips on choosing a smock apron for fashionable women :

rok 2rok
1. Curvy Skirts Models, Having notched shape is your excess. Do not hesitate to emphasize curves and still look demure by wearing a skirt cut on the knee. In order to look more attractive, not hurt you to wear a small belt to enhance the appearance.
2. Petite Models skirt, tiny body you will look more level by using a mini skirt. Skirt with the motif can also give volume to your tiny body. Wear with a cropped blazer or jacket to give the appearance of the current proportion.
3. Skirts Long Torso Model, Choose high-waist skirt like the A-line skirt that mini to make the legs look longer. Wear belts to provide detail on the waist and emphasizes the curves of your body.
4. Skirt Pear Shape Model, Zoom hips by wearing a midi skirt A-line cut. Skirt with pleat turn detail can make you become more proportional. Do not forget to wear tops and shoes with a brighter tone than your skirt, to divert attention away from your hips.

rok 3


Type Of Teenagers Clothes

on the road with skini jeans

In order to dress some of the things teens are not too far below the reference in that dress. Choose a polite fashion, and in accordance with the customs and religion because there are many clothes that fashionable and at the trend but also polite. Choose clothes according to age, it will be better than following the latest fad that may not be suitable for junior high school students and sometimes even make others uncomfortable. If for example using foreign clothes, Korean clothes, use politely do not push yourself. Because foreign clothes Korean clothes and other types of clothing were adapted to their culture and of course, we also have a culture of their own.


Teenagers especially junior high school do not need to be afraid, Muslim clothing will make you look old-fashioned. To note, Muslim fashion has three basic models, namely the robe, abaya, and tunics. Abayas is a Muslim dress length (long dress) that can be combined with pants. In addition to women, can also be worn by men. Moderate Arab abaya is a fashion line (Middle East) which form the canal, from tension to foot. This dress can be modified and used only by women. Last is the long blouse tunic that is, not tight, and long-sleeved. The length of tunics should cover the butt. In use, the tunic can be paired with pants or a long skirt. Well, these three basic models, can be modified such that it is suitable to use in a variety of occasions.



Choosing Wallet

Today function wallet is not just to save money. Identification cards, credit cards, to the members of a shopping card placed inside the wallet. As time, wallet currently has a wide variety of human forms as you need. Money clip wallet is a wallet with money clip to clamp the paper in the middle. Wallet with banknotes retaining parts made of magnets also includes the money clip wallet. This wallet size is relatively small and thin. As the name implies, a checkbook wallet is large enough to store a variety of cards and a checkbook. Although many models are reserved for women, but there is also a checkbook wallet that is designed for men. To determine which one is suitable wallet for you or for gifts made in there are a few things to consider.

wwallet   walt


1. Choose the right size
Size is very important in choosing a wallet. By choosing the right size for your wallet , the usual stuff in put in wallet no runoff. Checks and try to incorporate items that you need to put in your wallet that will buy.
2. Material wallet
Currently there are various materials used to make purses such as leather, nylon , polyester and synthetic . The most expensive is the leather wallet because it describes the luxuries. In accordance with the price, leather wallets are usually more durable than the wallet of the other ingredients. Leather wallet suitable professional. While ordinary polyester wallet suitable for teens. For the children, usually the most fitting nylon wallet for them. In contrast to other materials, synthetic wallets go to all age groups.
3. Shape wallet
Along with the development of the fashion world, models also vary wallet. Classy model is perfect for those who do not really follow the fashion world. With classic models, including purses wallets that are not eaten ancient times. Similar to the model classy, casual models also have a small and lightweight form. It’s just that this wallet is not suitable for those sporty style and rock music listeners. This model is also popular with teenegers and children.

Choosing Between The Bag With The Model Function

Nowadays women will need the higher bag, it caused the differences between the needs and requirements of stylish bags and bags for a variety of activities. Call it for leisure activities and work must have a tip Etas with form and function differently. In choosing their own bags we have to sacrifice one important aspect of the model function or the bag itself, for surely a good example of the bag there is a bag that is able to meet your needs both in terms of design and function.


When you choose a bag with a variety of functions, the size of the bag is the most important thing you should think about first. Just a small example if you include people who are as passionate travel and walk around, then it is better you use a bag that has a size that can accommodate oversized lot your luggage in it. Choose a bag with many models bulkhead, it meant that when you store small items such as keys, wallets, loose change is not difficult when you need it at any time.

As for your handbag enthusiast models are beautiful and elegant, with this type of clutch bag is one of the most favorite models to date. In addition to the compact size and beautiful, kind of like a rope clutch bag itself can indeed be brought by way of tenteng or in kempit. Not to forget in terms of the selection of the most important types of materials, you can choose a leather bag, leather why? Due to the current leather believed to show the impression of an expensive and exclusive when used to make a bag or purse.