Tips Choosing a Shoes

Buying shoes is not biased at random, most people buy shoes just look from the brand. In fact, the comfort factor is the most important thing. Wearing shoes that are not comfortable, can be excruciating foot and affect the way you walk. Therefore you should buy good shoes, good, proper, fit, and quality. We will give you tips to choose the shoes that you will wear.


Shoes models
There are various types of shoes available in the market. Start from flats model until heels. So, choose a shoe that suits your needs. For example, if your need for tutoring or just hanging out with my friends, you should select the model of flat shoes for comfort though worn for hours. As for formal events such as parties, the right to choose the model of her heels comfortable when worn up and running. Do not just choose the model of shoes just because it was a trend, although not according to our needs.

Foot Shape
Shape of the foot each person is different. There is a round toe, a box, or tapered. So, choose shoes that fit the shape of the foot for comfort wear. If the shape of your foot box, avoid buying shoes with pointed tip as it will cause blisters on your toes.

Buying Shoes in the Afternoon
Intend to buy shoes, you should do in the afternoon. Every day, your feet reach the largest size after undergoing a variety of activities. Therefore, buying in the afternoon will allow you to get the size of the shoes that really fit and comfortable.
Colors shoes
Right matching color shoes would you want buy the clothes that will be worn. To be safe, neutral colors such as black, white, and gray could be an option because it fits with any color shirt.

Pay attention to material
Adjusting the trend is okay. But for health of the foot select materials that allow the feet to breathe. Choose good quality materials, such as leather or synthetic material that is soft. Such material is more flexible and provides comfort, as it can adjust the shape of the foot. It can also provide protection to the feet that are sensitive to shock and friction. Avoid shoes made of plastic material, leather is stiff and inflexible.

Choosing Wallet

Today function wallet is not just to save money. Identification cards, credit cards, to the members of a shopping card placed inside the wallet. As time, wallet currently has a wide variety of human forms as you need. Money clip wallet is a wallet with money clip to clamp the paper in the middle. Wallet with banknotes retaining parts made of magnets also includes the money clip wallet. This wallet size is relatively small and thin. As the name implies, a checkbook wallet is large enough to store a variety of cards and a checkbook. Although many models are reserved for women, but there is also a checkbook wallet that is designed for men. To determine which one is suitable wallet for you or for gifts made in there are a few things to consider.

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1. Choose the right size
Size is very important in choosing a wallet. By choosing the right size for your wallet , the usual stuff in put in wallet no runoff. Checks and try to incorporate items that you need to put in your wallet that will buy.
2. Material wallet
Currently there are various materials used to make purses such as leather, nylon , polyester and synthetic . The most expensive is the leather wallet because it describes the luxuries. In accordance with the price, leather wallets are usually more durable than the wallet of the other ingredients. Leather wallet suitable professional. While ordinary polyester wallet suitable for teens. For the children, usually the most fitting nylon wallet for them. In contrast to other materials, synthetic wallets go to all age groups.
3. Shape wallet
Along with the development of the fashion world, models also vary wallet. Classy model is perfect for those who do not really follow the fashion world. With classic models, including purses wallets that are not eaten ancient times. Similar to the model classy, casual models also have a small and lightweight form. It’s just that this wallet is not suitable for those sporty style and rock music listeners. This model is also popular with teenegers and children.