How to Combine Clothes Colors To Enhance Appearance Quality

How to combine colors of clothing to improve the quality of this performance may not know. Did you ever realize that you attract more attention when you wear clothing with a certain color? People are influenced by color. The color of clothing can affect one’s mood. Such as red, orange, and yellow can change your mood becomes brighter, as bright as the colors.

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The color red, for example, is often used in the logo of the restaurant. Orange, is often used by educational institutions. In the corporate world, the influence of color was also used. The color of clothing that you use will leave an impression on the appearance, and all the people you meet you at the office.

Now, color is a powerful thing. As strong as the color of what you see. This factor is not only considered in the field of fashion. Even so, knowing what should be used on a wide variety of types of meetings would send a message to anyone who saw it – a message that you have a special fashion sense. Find out what the meaning of the colors and combine them to improve the quality of your appearance.

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Black Color: symbolizes authority, immortality, and make you look thinner.
Grey Color: Makes you look confident, classic, and neutral colors. It can combined with any color.
White color: bright color, giving the impression of a clean, and member the impression of simplicity.
Red Color: Color aggressive, colors that create energy, and intense color.
Yellow color: The color is very strong, bright colors as well, do not impress you seriously if you wear this color, but this color can make you concentrate more.
Green Color: Color environmentally friendly, that make you calm and refreshing colors. This color also symbolizes prosperity.
Blue color: color is the sea. The color symbolizes peace, freshness, and loyalty.
Color Purple: That color symbolizes luxury, and wealth. The colors are romantic, and classy.
Chocolate Color: solid color. That gives the impression that you are reliable, as well as stability. That color symbolizes authenticity and purity.

Tips To Look a Good

Many Teens find it difficult to look neat and therefore the following is about how to look neat because appearance often becomes a problem when meeting with the idol of the heart. The beauty in appearance certainly not just clothes neat and good, but how to manage all of it together and appearance accords. Ranging from shoes and socks, even strokes hair should still look presentable.

1. Suitability size.
The right size will look neater, because this is the most important thing in appearance. Many teenagers wearing hip-hop style clothing is oversize.
2. Simple
Use clothing that is simple because if too much decoration will look tacky. Selection for color do more than 3 colors. Do not use more than 3 kinds of accessories. Do not also look like a rock star, but if you did boy band.
3. casual
Casual clothes often considered too formal but in fact these clothes will make you look more presentable . Add a few accessories or other sweeteners. You can see an example in the fashion magazines.
4. Harmony
In the dress should be in harmony with the dress pants . If you use a jacket or blazer corduroy superiors, subordinates use such as jeans or cargo pants.
5. Find a Friend Shopping
Invite your friends if necessary invite the opposite gender when buying clothing because it is usually the opposite sex is smarter assess suitable clothing on our bodies.

6. Appropriate Clothing Event Theme
Certainly not worth very much if you use batik clothing or long dress when traveling. So adjust your clothing to show that will visit, as well with other people who came to the event.
7. Do not underestimate Details
Do not forget to pay attention to the accessories are in use because it will make your appearance to be funny. Note scarves, ties, watches or your belt.
8. Use the Best Shoes
Shoes often make your appearance becomes odd when worn shirt and pants is very neat.
Things – things to note in the shoe is cleanliness, color and type. Most teens do not care about the state of his shoes, show to others that you have a teen class with the best shoes, as this is the quickest way to show others that you care about yourself.
9. Trend
Sometimes clothing is trend center not match your outfit . If there was a trend of clothing you should try first and discuss it with others if it fits with your body if it does not fit then do not be in force. Use clothing that is comfortable for you, then add a few accessories or knick – knacks.
10. Function Underwear
Underwear is very useful to absorb sweat, oil or dirt on the body. Also function underwear so you do not have to always wash your clothes outside, and to keep a good and durable.
11. Experimenting with Style
Try to try different types of clothing and which one fits you. Learn new things in fashion, how to dress. Never be afraid to try and do not be afraid to make mistakes. Many teens are afraid to express themselves through style.
12. Appropriate perfume.
Sometimes a man using excessive perfume that smells more fragrant but not too overpowering in the nose others. This will make people less happy with your appearance including your perfume.

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Fashion Skirt For Work

Work clothing for working women is a concern in itself, not just limited to clothing only, the selection of work clothes fashionable women the right to support career and facilitate socializing with friends the other office . Over time, work clothes look fashionable women become more varied with various options that suit your needs and tastes, one of fashion’s favorite work is the use and selection of skirts, the following tips on choosing a smock apron for fashionable women :

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1. Curvy Skirts Models, Having notched shape is your excess. Do not hesitate to emphasize curves and still look demure by wearing a skirt cut on the knee. In order to look more attractive, not hurt you to wear a small belt to enhance the appearance.
2. Petite Models skirt, tiny body you will look more level by using a mini skirt. Skirt with the motif can also give volume to your tiny body. Wear with a cropped blazer or jacket to give the appearance of the current proportion.
3. Skirts Long Torso Model, Choose high-waist skirt like the A-line skirt that mini to make the legs look longer. Wear belts to provide detail on the waist and emphasizes the curves of your body.
4. Skirt Pear Shape Model, Zoom hips by wearing a midi skirt A-line cut. Skirt with pleat turn detail can make you become more proportional. Do not forget to wear tops and shoes with a brighter tone than your skirt, to divert attention away from your hips.

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Type Of Teenagers Clothes

on the road with skini jeans

In order to dress some of the things teens are not too far below the reference in that dress. Choose a polite fashion, and in accordance with the customs and religion because there are many clothes that fashionable and at the trend but also polite. Choose clothes according to age, it will be better than following the latest fad that may not be suitable for junior high school students and sometimes even make others uncomfortable. If for example using foreign clothes, Korean clothes, use politely do not push yourself. Because foreign clothes Korean clothes and other types of clothing were adapted to their culture and of course, we also have a culture of their own.


Teenagers especially junior high school do not need to be afraid, Muslim clothing will make you look old-fashioned. To note, Muslim fashion has three basic models, namely the robe, abaya, and tunics. Abayas is a Muslim dress length (long dress) that can be combined with pants. In addition to women, can also be worn by men. Moderate Arab abaya is a fashion line (Middle East) which form the canal, from tension to foot. This dress can be modified and used only by women. Last is the long blouse tunic that is, not tight, and long-sleeved. The length of tunics should cover the butt. In use, the tunic can be paired with pants or a long skirt. Well, these three basic models, can be modified such that it is suitable to use in a variety of occasions.



Want Stylish Like a Artist ? Its Easy !


Apply an artist’s style has always managed to enchant fashion lovers. Not only a unique appearance to imitate, but also display fashion that always all out. With the offer, no one if they were widely imitated fashion by many people. Brands celebrities wear clothing that was not just any brand. They are usually quite expensive to pay that just to look stunning at an event.4401.64848403.sg3

It certainly makes us think also that to be able to look fashionable as they need to spend a huge cost. In fact, to be able to look fashionable as they are, you can also just put out a little money. You can maximize the performance at a cost that is not too large. How?

1.    Knowing about fashion
today you have to know the growing trend. You can see it from fashion magazines or online shop

2.     Sale of Goods
Nowadays not only women who love discount items but the same goes also for men. Not just in the mall, but you can also get discounts on some famous designers. You need more frequent check their websites. Maybe you can get a nice dress ever worn the idol at a price that is not so expensive.

3.       Watch Movies
Search movies with actors who do you think looks the coolest, and follow his performance in the film. Usually fashion stylist actor movie customize clothes with various styles in the atmosphere in a variety of scenes so that you will be easier to emulate.

4.       Choose the artist you like

Choose the artist with the most fashion you like, if you like a casual style, watch the movie mission impossible starring Tom Cruise. Fashion in this film is simple, suitable for who do not like complicated, simple, but still look stylish. Some of the names of other artists who are much in demand are Jared Leto, Johnny Depp, and Taylor swift

images.jpg johny


Stylish Like Hip-Hop

Now, music is famous with universal language to many people. Every people have a different music taste. For example, hip hop music, hip hop music player usually called rapper. Like a hip hop music have a unique with their clothes.


Hip hop clothes not difficult and not necessary to waste many money because hip hop clothes is a casual clothes and funky. For any clothes style music types can called hip hop clothes, only integrate jeans under waist with long t-shirt.

Many people like hip hop because it can express their self to clothes and brave wearing bright colors. For woman can try to wear skirt under waist or jeans with shirt or t-shirt. For search inspiration, we will give you some hip hop force for divisible inspiration for you.

images.jpg hiphop man

images.jpg hiphop girl

images.jpg kid

Pregnant ? Woman Can Still Be Stylish

Pregnancy is something that waiting by couples, due to the presence of a child will increase the harmony in the family. When the woman is pregnant, they have many necessary to prepare in a row with any change and one of is your body language because your stomach is big. And then a woman must smart for change they wear.

More and more develop the fashion’s world then will many types and clothes model for pregnant woman. To many pregnant clothes model you don’t fault for change the clothes to will wearing in pregnancy phase. We will give you types to get the comfort’s clothes at the pregnancy.

1.       Dress

Choose the loose dress for make your stomach pleasant. You can replace the pregnant clothes with nice belt for like a beauty the pregnant


2.       Legging

Using leggings will feel comfortable and light. Choose the type of leggings that are specific to the pregnant


3.       Jacket

Choose a jacket to keep warm with a soft material that feels comfortable.

jaket hamil

4.        Jeans

Usually the pregnant woman can’t wear jeans, because the material is too tight and dense that its tightness in your stomach. However, with the development of the fashion of the world it is not longer to valid because it’s a lot many jeans for pregnant woman with the soft material.

jeans hamil

Don’t till your pregnant offend your pregnant, choose your clothes to make you comfort and not offend health your child.

Traditional Clothes Of Nation

Now, starfashion will give information about traditional clothes for some country in the world, the clothes is characteristic of a country. A country can famous with other country go by their traditional clothes. And then traditional clothes always be font of fashion show program. And this is traditional clothes from many country in the world.


Japan’s traditional clothes called Kimono. Now, Kimono like a T character. In there woman make us program. Beside Kimono in Japan there is Yukata like a Kimono but more simple.



Indonesian country have many genre of tranditional clothes, called Batik. Batik is a picture’s art on the cloth for fashion and become one of Indonesian culture.



This country very famous with Tulip flower and its very beautiful. Belanda have a traditional clothes, name is Klederdracht. The characteristic of the clothes is a hat usually called Njekither.



India’s country inhabitant majority have a Hindu religion. They have a traditional clothes, called Saree. Saree is a wide cloth with size 20 m x 6 m. saree clothes have an variation and usually wearing appropriated with Caste, Religion, region, activity and others.



Korea’s country have traditional clothes, called Hanbok. In there traditional clothes called Chosonot.  Usually the traditional clothes have a bright colors and don’t have sack. In modern, Hanbok develop become many variation, especially section their skirt.


Fashion Of Child

Fashion Of Child

         Children is a gift from God  for a partner . Beside that child is a one of fastener family. Child can make a family complete. Usually all of parent always record child’s actifity from baby until children under five. Mom always understand and comprehend about child’s development. Mom wish all the best for her child, begin from the clothes, toys, until the food.


                Clothes constitute one of favorite for mom to make her child become interest and seen funny. start from clothes, shoes, until accessories always attention by presentation for a child. As a parent must pay attention from the colour, fashion, picture although this material. Usually the child agree wear sharp’s colour, example red yellow blue and others. Colour can make a child seen cheerful and funny. Colour too make a child more easy to study memorize many colour.

IMG_20140309_202608 IMG_20140309_202552


Next, priverious parent more like use cartoon, animal, and many object seen funny. But alog with growth in time, now parents are more interested in casua clothes looks like a teenager. Children prefer to wear a shirt with a light and cool material like cotton. Cotton can be absorbed sweat , so it doesn’t interferewith the actifities of children.