Tips Choose Dress Appropriate Event

You may often receive invitations to attend the party , but confused to choose what dress to wear? Or you worry your choice of dress will make you look the wrong costume?
Here are tips on choosing the appropriate party dress event you will attend.
The first thing you need to consider when receiving a party invitation is the type of event or information see the dress code , which will reflect what kind of party you will attend. If the dress code not listed in invitation to a party, you can wearing a dress that matches the theme of the event, or ask the inviter when you confirm your willingness to attend the party.

In a party that is formal or informal, for example, gala dinner or a wedding party, tips on choosing a party dress is appropriate to the event wearing a formal dress. Internationally, women’s fashion is a formal evening dress. Long evening dresses are worn below the knee, can be aligned with the calf or ankle. The selected color is generally black, maroon, or gold, to give the glamour. You can also wear the national dress, such as the classic kebaya combined with gloves. Do not wear a dress that is too open or too tight, because it can draw attention.

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In a party that is informal / semi-formal dress code or the rules are not too strict, like charity party, you can wear a dress that is semi- formal and more trendy, like a cocktail dress, light-colored long dress, fashion two – pieces , or modern kebaya. Although the event is semi -formal, avoid casual clothing such as T – shirts or skirts made from jeans.

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If you are going to attend a party that is both casual or smart casual like a New Year’s party, birthday party, or a graduation party, tips on choosing the appropriate party dress event is casual wear clothes that are comfortable to wear and move. One of the fashion choices for this event is somewhat open blouse, paired with A-line skirt. Or if the party has a theme such as a beach party, rock and roll, or flower party, you can wear clothes that fit the theme of the way.

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Dress As Substitute Blazer

Women’s careers are often confused mix and match clothes to wear to the office or other formal events. It could be clothes -that’s all you wear. You start the Blazer was already faded because too often used. But what the heck other formal wear are comfortable to wear in addition to a blazer?

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You can take the example of celebrities. They often use a simple dress or gown to attend a formal event. Yes, the dress is perfect worn for formal events ladies. But do not choose a dress that is too long go to office, this will slow your mobility. You could hardly walk when wearing this kind of dress options. Then dress of any material heck Ladies dress that makes you not only that – it’s just a model?

Dress is made of materials that a little bling – bling to make your clothes look expensive and elegant look. If you are smart to choose the color, the dress of sequins material is also suitable to be worn to the office Ladies know. The tips, try Choose dark colors with simple shapes. You can add simple accessories such as a necklace pendant or earrings with small eyes. But you are free to choose the color if you want to wear it on important events such as weddings. Gold and light pink color suitable for your aura radiates. You also do not have to bother choosing shoes to mix and match this dress, just select black heels, beauty was yours completely ladies.
The dress has a layered form at the bottom also adds to the impression of cute and girlie. Because the motive is already too complex, so you do not need to bother to look for other jewelry to complement this type of dress .

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