How to Combine Clothes Colors To Enhance Appearance Quality

How to combine colors of clothing to improve the quality of this performance may not know. Did you ever realize that you attract more attention when you wear clothing with a certain color? People are influenced by color. The color of clothing can affect one’s mood. Such as red, orange, and yellow can change your mood becomes brighter, as bright as the colors.

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The color red, for example, is often used in the logo of the restaurant. Orange, is often used by educational institutions. In the corporate world, the influence of color was also used. The color of clothing that you use will leave an impression on the appearance, and all the people you meet you at the office.

Now, color is a powerful thing. As strong as the color of what you see. This factor is not only considered in the field of fashion. Even so, knowing what should be used on a wide variety of types of meetings would send a message to anyone who saw it – a message that you have a special fashion sense. Find out what the meaning of the colors and combine them to improve the quality of your appearance.

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Black Color: symbolizes authority, immortality, and make you look thinner.
Grey Color: Makes you look confident, classic, and neutral colors. It can combined with any color.
White color: bright color, giving the impression of a clean, and member the impression of simplicity.
Red Color: Color aggressive, colors that create energy, and intense color.
Yellow color: The color is very strong, bright colors as well, do not impress you seriously if you wear this color, but this color can make you concentrate more.
Green Color: Color environmentally friendly, that make you calm and refreshing colors. This color also symbolizes prosperity.
Blue color: color is the sea. The color symbolizes peace, freshness, and loyalty.
Color Purple: That color symbolizes luxury, and wealth. The colors are romantic, and classy.
Chocolate Color: solid color. That gives the impression that you are reliable, as well as stability. That color symbolizes authenticity and purity.