Tips Choosing a Shoes

Buying shoes is not biased at random, most people buy shoes just look from the brand. In fact, the comfort factor is the most important thing. Wearing shoes that are not comfortable, can be excruciating foot and affect the way you walk. Therefore you should buy good shoes, good, proper, fit, and quality. We will give you tips to choose the shoes that you will wear.


Shoes models
There are various types of shoes available in the market. Start from flats model until heels. So, choose a shoe that suits your needs. For example, if your need for tutoring or just hanging out with my friends, you should select the model of flat shoes for comfort though worn for hours. As for formal events such as parties, the right to choose the model of her heels comfortable when worn up and running. Do not just choose the model of shoes just because it was a trend, although not according to our needs.

Foot Shape
Shape of the foot each person is different. There is a round toe, a box, or tapered. So, choose shoes that fit the shape of the foot for comfort wear. If the shape of your foot box, avoid buying shoes with pointed tip as it will cause blisters on your toes.

Buying Shoes in the Afternoon
Intend to buy shoes, you should do in the afternoon. Every day, your feet reach the largest size after undergoing a variety of activities. Therefore, buying in the afternoon will allow you to get the size of the shoes that really fit and comfortable.
Colors shoes
Right matching color shoes would you want buy the clothes that will be worn. To be safe, neutral colors such as black, white, and gray could be an option because it fits with any color shirt.

Pay attention to material
Adjusting the trend is okay. But for health of the foot select materials that allow the feet to breathe. Choose good quality materials, such as leather or synthetic material that is soft. Such material is more flexible and provides comfort, as it can adjust the shape of the foot. It can also provide protection to the feet that are sensitive to shock and friction. Avoid shoes made of plastic material, leather is stiff and inflexible.

Shoes Are Suitable For University Students

Sophomores usually like complicated choosing shoes that will be used to campus. As is the custom girls generally do not like shoes that are too mainstream. For fear of the same, that’s why girls sometimes like to push yourself for wearing shoes that are not comfortable to wear or wear shoes that are not his style, eventually becoming concerned college because they feel confident. Now no need to worry anymore to think about what you want to wear shoes to school, because here you can see the various styles of shoes are suitable for college.
Here is the type – the type of shoes that you might choose to go to college:

       Ballet Shoes (Flat)
Shoes are inspired by the model ballet shoes and has become a trend for women of all shapes and sizes . This model of shoe has the right characteristics are flat, closed and resemble sandals. It is easy to use and available in different designs and shapes, with the added accessory beads – beads, jewels, and flowers. These shoes are perfect for girls who want to look feminine but still formal impression. Perfect paired with a blouse or skirt, even dress pants. Although it looks quite formal, but these shoes are also suitable for casual events, adjust the shape models.


2.      Wedge Heels
Model of shoe has the characteristic shape of the heel extends from the back to the front of the foot. These shoes have varying heights. Wedge heels also consists of various types of wedge heels pump shoes with a closed model , wedge heels boots are boots with the right flat , wedge heel sling backs shoes are a kind of shoes and sandals are no hooks in the heel hook . Among the three types of wedges on top, which is most suitable for study in Indonesia is a pump shoes wedge heels and wedge heel sling backs shoes. Perfect paired with a shirt, blouse, skirt or pants or jeans fabric either. These shoes in addition to making a girl look feminine, also helps them look taller.

flat 2

3.      Sneaker Shoes
For women who do not like overly feminine grooming and love casual style, this sneaker shoes most favorite student. Besides being simple and comfortable to wear, it turns out these shoes do not make your feet hurt because the model is flat and covered so as to protect the foot from the sun or other foreign objects. Today was the sneaker shoes performed with a variety of attractive colors, so these shoes will still provide feminine side.


Models Of Shoes

Shoes are often used by men to appear look cool, with the development of the fashion world models of shoes to be more up to date. Because the designer shoes their customers do not want to get bored with the model of shoes that’s all. Now, many men’s shoes like hanging out, working, and special footwear for sports. In addition to dressy shoes also provide comfort to your feet to avoid the heat of the sun when you’re traveling.


Than we will provide an overview models of shoes:

Sport shoes
Sports in addition to good physical health, also good for spiritual health. Increase stamina are the benefits of exercise. It will feel the benefits if done consistently for a few weeks. Many choices of brand sports shoes such as men’s original Adidas, Reebok, Nike, New Balance, etc. . All these brands have advantages and disadvantages of each.


Sneaker shoes
Sneakers has become one fashion item that must be owned by anyone. Everyone now has the right to use sneakers anytime, anywhere and in any atmosphere. Including office, attending a party, combined with casual or formal dress will not be a problem.


Pantofel shoes

Loafers are many kinds of shoes to wear to the office or work. These loafers have a lot of models, ranging from the rope, glue shoes or slippers directly. However, with the development of the era’s widespread use of loafers which originally only used for the office, but now the shoes lovers widely used in any event.

images.jpg pan

Flat Shoes

Flat shoes are one of commonly used by most women. Flat shoes are very comfortable to wear when walking around in the mall or other place. Comfort of the fat shoes makes some women want to continue to use where you go. Today not surprisingly, many colors, models, and pattern on the market. Flat shoes lovers, don’t let to choose. Know that the right to wear flat shoes can make the food appearance didn’t look so perfect. Here’s how to intelligent chose flat shoes:


1.       Adjust the shape on the food

Flat shoes is one shoes designed for the convenience of its user. For get comfortable, you must choose clever method and appropriate with food shape. Every people have food different, there is cute, long, widen, and etc. For that, try before you buy flat shoes. Make sure the flat shoes you want to buy. Quality of flat shoes affect for durability. Choose the flat shoes with long duration and powerful. Powerful flat shoes can see from the material. If you have the flat shoes can powerful, than will economize the expense for to buy the flat shoes

2.       Definite the Size

Ensure the size of the shoes is also one thing you need to consider in order to obtain comfort while wearing. Choose flat shoes are little loose for food. Ensure the size also not injure the feed and change its structure.

3.       Choose the colors

Now, many colors flat shoes. But, don’t choose the flat shoes because you must compare colors of the shoes with colors of the skin foot. Colors of the skin foot make you seen beautiful when you wear. For white skin foot, may be you can wear anything colors. But for dark skin foot be careful if you choose the colors of the flat shoes.

images large