Choosing Jeans for Short Women

Clothing for women cannot be complete without a pair of jeans. No matter whether you are a girl 6 feet or you fall into the category of petite women, jeans remain a trend. Well, buying jeans for short women is always difficult, because it is very difficult to find a match. So you may ask how to buy the best short jeans for petite women? Well, actually there are a few things you need to consider when shopping. Here are some tips for you all the short women that will definitely help you choose.
Selecting jeans
Jeans with straight model is one of the best pick for petite women. It gives the appearance of a vertical leg to help women look slimmer and shorter height. Make sure you go to the right size. If you are thin or medium, skinny jeans are the right parts for you. Many brands have been specially designed for ladies short skinny jeans that you can try to match. Skinny jeans will instantly give higher performance. Here’s more on how to wear skinny jeans. A slight boot cut just fine. This is the perfect type of jeans for short women having triangle or hourglass -shaped figure. Remember, slight boot cut! While finding jeans for short women with full figures, wide leg styles can be considered. Style wide leg jeans will give you the look proportionate to search. You have to avoid the lean cuts. Short women with smaller hips can go for the low-rise jeans with a straight leg or slight boot cut.

What Kind You Do not Have to Choosing Jeans?
Short women with fuller figures should avoid low-rise jeans. Worn with a belt makes your hips look bigger and shorter legs. Read about the best jeans for curvy women. This will only make them look shorter. Do not go for baggy carpenter jeans, stick on fitting pair. Do not go for a longer length to make yourself look taller. It will only make you look shorter. Remember that jeans you just have to skim over your shoes, thus increasing the height of your looks. Never cuff jeans underneath. It is commonly available in capris style, but stay away from this mode. Cuff will cut your height, make you look shorter
Select Color Matches
Each jeans for short women look best in a uniform color . Additionally, it is a good idea to stick to a dark wash boot cut or straight leg jeans. You can experiment with lighter shades in skinny jeans. Of course, you can check out the other shades of denim, especially the darker like gray, black or slate can be an option for plain blue denim. Although pastels may look luxurious, best to avoid them. Remember that dark colors will give the appearance of a slim and tall.

Partner with the Right Footwear
Your job does not end up in choosing the right jeans and wearing it. Let me tell you that a pair of heels makes a big difference in your appearance. Short women should really shop for shoes first and then go look for jeans. Not necessary that you buy a new pair of shoes, but it’s just important that you try the jeans along with your footwear will pair with jeans. Usually pencil heels preferred by short women. It looks great and increase height. Shorter women should go to point away which will give you look slimmer, not the end of the round. Do not go for the knee-high boots as this will only give you look shorter. Read about how to wear boots with jeans.


Tips Choose Dress Appropriate Event

You may often receive invitations to attend the party , but confused to choose what dress to wear? Or you worry your choice of dress will make you look the wrong costume?
Here are tips on choosing the appropriate party dress event you will attend.
The first thing you need to consider when receiving a party invitation is the type of event or information see the dress code , which will reflect what kind of party you will attend. If the dress code not listed in invitation to a party, you can wearing a dress that matches the theme of the event, or ask the inviter when you confirm your willingness to attend the party.

In a party that is formal or informal, for example, gala dinner or a wedding party, tips on choosing a party dress is appropriate to the event wearing a formal dress. Internationally, women’s fashion is a formal evening dress. Long evening dresses are worn below the knee, can be aligned with the calf or ankle. The selected color is generally black, maroon, or gold, to give the glamour. You can also wear the national dress, such as the classic kebaya combined with gloves. Do not wear a dress that is too open or too tight, because it can draw attention.

images 2
In a party that is informal / semi-formal dress code or the rules are not too strict, like charity party, you can wear a dress that is semi- formal and more trendy, like a cocktail dress, light-colored long dress, fashion two – pieces , or modern kebaya. Although the event is semi -formal, avoid casual clothing such as T – shirts or skirts made from jeans.

images 3
If you are going to attend a party that is both casual or smart casual like a New Year’s party, birthday party, or a graduation party, tips on choosing the appropriate party dress event is casual wear clothes that are comfortable to wear and move. One of the fashion choices for this event is somewhat open blouse, paired with A-line skirt. Or if the party has a theme such as a beach party, rock and roll, or flower party, you can wear clothes that fit the theme of the way.

images 5

Fashionable With Denim Shirt

Denim shirt can be used when going to engage in activities outside the home. The shirt that was only used by many people who will work for the office and also children will go to college just because here they are required to dress neatly and decently so that they could wear the shirt because the shirt is a one of a kind clothing polite and pretty neat. Long-sleeved shirts or short -sleeved remains much wear. In this modern world and to make the fashion world did not want to miss the show a wide range of the latest fashions and are able to make the look more fashionable in all their activities wherever and whenever. Various existing models one of which is a model that has a denim shirt cooler than other shirts. Material of denim itself to any time will not be timeless, look up to now only a variety of models in denim clothes that have still preferred by many people both adults and the young. For the womenfolk denim shirt which will be worn able to make it look more attractive and will feature a dazzling impression. However, the most important here is the quality of the products that we want this to be the right quality and make sure we are not wrong in choosing the selling point.

Currently denim shirt is becoming a trend among women, the reason for using denim shirt it will change its appearance and make more confident when outside the home to conduct activities both go running – road or dealing with clients. To be more interesting we do not need to spend too much of my money bag, let’s select denim shirt that can make your appearance look different. If there is a wardrobe denim shirt then try to combine them with some models of subordinates who could make a more modern appearance and also looks stylish.

denim 3denim 2

Print Pants For Pretty Fashion

Print pants were pretty fashion at the end of 2012. Indeed, a lot of clothes with motifs in vogue lately. Like the mainstream or not, to follow this trend can still make you look stylish. Not just women in general, printed pants trend with many unique motifs are also being plagued hijab fashion. Many inspiring unique and beautiful print pants you normally use during the end of this year to early next year. With print pants, you do not need to bother thinking about details of the model. Just wear it, and you ready to go.

celana 3
Combine your print pants with various types of casual tops or plain tops dressy casual. With a simple appearance, you are ready to travel without having to bother to think about a lot of accessories to be used.
Subordinates with various motifs will explore more this style. As animal, ethnic, flowery, lines, and others. So soon find your favorite print pants and show your style. This style would be wishful worry stale because in 2013, the motif of clothing will be more dynamic and evolving. Be prepared with oriental motifs and bold line that can reinforce your appearance. Discover the collection of printed pants in neon colors and basic, with simple pieces and minimal detail.

celana 2celana



Dress As Substitute Blazer

Women’s careers are often confused mix and match clothes to wear to the office or other formal events. It could be clothes -that’s all you wear. You start the Blazer was already faded because too often used. But what the heck other formal wear are comfortable to wear in addition to a blazer?

dress 4

You can take the example of celebrities. They often use a simple dress or gown to attend a formal event. Yes, the dress is perfect worn for formal events ladies. But do not choose a dress that is too long go to office, this will slow your mobility. You could hardly walk when wearing this kind of dress options. Then dress of any material heck Ladies dress that makes you not only that – it’s just a model?

Dress is made of materials that a little bling – bling to make your clothes look expensive and elegant look. If you are smart to choose the color, the dress of sequins material is also suitable to be worn to the office Ladies know. The tips, try Choose dark colors with simple shapes. You can add simple accessories such as a necklace pendant or earrings with small eyes. But you are free to choose the color if you want to wear it on important events such as weddings. Gold and light pink color suitable for your aura radiates. You also do not have to bother choosing shoes to mix and match this dress, just select black heels, beauty was yours completely ladies.
The dress has a layered form at the bottom also adds to the impression of cute and girlie. Because the motive is already too complex, so you do not need to bother to look for other jewelry to complement this type of dress .

dress 3dress


Fashion Skirt For Work

Work clothing for working women is a concern in itself, not just limited to clothing only, the selection of work clothes fashionable women the right to support career and facilitate socializing with friends the other office . Over time, work clothes look fashionable women become more varied with various options that suit your needs and tastes, one of fashion’s favorite work is the use and selection of skirts, the following tips on choosing a smock apron for fashionable women :

rok 2rok
1. Curvy Skirts Models, Having notched shape is your excess. Do not hesitate to emphasize curves and still look demure by wearing a skirt cut on the knee. In order to look more attractive, not hurt you to wear a small belt to enhance the appearance.
2. Petite Models skirt, tiny body you will look more level by using a mini skirt. Skirt with the motif can also give volume to your tiny body. Wear with a cropped blazer or jacket to give the appearance of the current proportion.
3. Skirts Long Torso Model, Choose high-waist skirt like the A-line skirt that mini to make the legs look longer. Wear belts to provide detail on the waist and emphasizes the curves of your body.
4. Skirt Pear Shape Model, Zoom hips by wearing a midi skirt A-line cut. Skirt with pleat turn detail can make you become more proportional. Do not forget to wear tops and shoes with a brighter tone than your skirt, to divert attention away from your hips.

rok 3


Sweet Shirt For Women

The shirt is a garment that is favored by many people, including women. Woman is admirers of dress shirts to be shopping for clothes at the time, so women’s shirts among the target of several women, especially career women. But women still picky existing shirt to wear. Not just any woman can choose a shirt and wear it. For women the most important of a shirt is a type of fabric. Well, most women are not resistant to the type of fabric that make sultry, because when I was wearing a shirt with a hot cloth.


When buying a shirt, women should pay attention to several things:

Shirt Size
Shirt size is often forgotten by some of the air as it can buy a shirt. She was not the same as men, among which the breast. Therefore, choose clothing or shirts buttoned must also take into account its size. Make sure the shirt is not too tight, especially in the chest due to rapidly regardless shirt buttoned up to the wearer uncomfortable.

Materials Shirts
Materials shirts generally have a material that cannot absorb sweat up can cause an unpleasant smell when wearing it. Ensure women’s shirts cannot seem to absorb perspiration odor.

Shirt color
Choice of color in women’s shirts will change the look of some of the wearer. For overweight women, it is recommended to choose a woman’s dress shirt in black or a dark color. Black or dark colors that others can make women look slimmer because these colors can minimize the impression of a fat body. Moment, the bright colors on the shirts of women can lead to the impression of greater and wider. In addition, it will draw attention to the body. When it had problems with the bottom side of the body, for example the hip that may be large, women’s shirts with bright colors may help the problem.


rare drape back chiffon shirt


Cute Scarf For Fashionable

Fashionable with scarf might already be one of the accessories for woman. And it seems lately even men also often wear a scarf as a sweetener in appearance. Scarf is simple, its use was fairly easy, simply wrapped around the neck, than you will look different artist or business professional tub.


However, did you know there are a few other tricks when you other this scarf? Ways below then your appearance will be more leverage:

1.      If you wearing a jacket or blazer, use a scarf made from slippery. How to wear a scarf is to incorporate them into a jacket or blazer. When you wearing jacket or blazer, then look at the scarf diagonally and wrap around the shoulders with loose ties.

2.      Wearing a scarf is more than one legitimate, as long as you avoid the use of buildup in the neck. Wear a scarf in a blazer and one scarf again outside blazer alloy scarf and blouse is deemed the most appropriate fashion. If you want to wear this blend, fold diagonally and tie a scarf loose. Let it fall on the collar of your blouse.

3.      As a sweetener while wearing a scarf, you can pin a brooch to your scarf knot. Choose the colors type of brooch with your performance style.



Interesting Show With Belt

Interesting Show with Belt

Belt is one of accessories supporting performance, especially by women. Now not only belt appear in the model, but has been modified in many models that will surely make you more easily in the creation of your appearance. If you are still confused as to what would look with your belt, here some creations with a belt that you can try:

1. Obi Belt

Obi belt is a belt that is commonly used by women when wearing the kimono Japan. Obi belt is now widely used by women to beautify their appearance. Obi belt can make you look more straight and tall. It can make you very pretty when worn with a dress or jeans.

sb 4

2. Small Belt

Small belt is very easy to find on the market and can be used to various occasions. Small belt can be used to hide sweaters or oversized clothing, a tie too long, or blouses that are too large.

sb 3

3. Button belt

Button belt is suitable for wearing with jeans. The impression created by the fusion of this belt with jeans is a sporty, casual, and dynamic.

sb 2

4. Animal skin pattern belt

Animal skin patterns such as leopard skin complexion, skin complexion zebra, giraffe skin complexion, and so will give a solid impression on your appearance. You do not need to give any accent on your appearance if you are already wearing this belt.

sb 1

5. Belt of necklaces

Necklace belt has long been a trend. When you want to make a necklace into a belt, choose a necklace that has a long chain accents, rope, or rocks that are suitable for dress or your jeans.



Hairstyle For Man

look cool is very desirable man. many man in this world who turd out not to be out down by ladies. the world of fashion was not only woman who love it, but man as well. beside the face, body posture, it is also worth nothing that the appearance of their hair man.

Louis Vuitton: Arrivals - Paris Fashion Week - Menswear S/S 2014

many man who thing their hair is a crown, often changing hairstyles man follow the trend of today. they usually look up hairstyle trend for the artist until football player. you don’t want to choose that hairstyle, that will make you looks monotonous.

however, you should remember that you want a hairstyle should suit your face shape. because usually the face of each person is different, there is a circle, square, and oval. therefore, you have a just to your face. we will give explain of hairstyle presented by the artist like a football player, may be choose the models want hairstyle for gives you

Jared Letto


Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo New HD Wallpaper 2013 05

Leonardo Dicaprio